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COLLECTIONS LAW by Shane Simpson

Collections Law – Table of Contents

PART A – Structures and Governance

sPART C – Collections

PART D – Exhibitions

PART F – Leveraging the Collection

PART G – People

PART H – Insurance & Indemnification

further chapters coming soon … please see the Table of Contents page, for a full listing of chapters.

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Earlier sample documents, checklists and papers

  • Donations Issues to consider when accepting gifts. Was it a gift or a loan?
  • Loan Out and Touring Checklist A checklist of relevant terms: packing, travel arrangements, insurance , condition reports, credits, merchandising
  • Purchase of Collection Material A checklist relating to the purchase of objects
  • Acquisition – General A checklist for use in acquiring objects – formalities, title, provenance/authenticity warranty, cooperative acquisition, joint ownership, joint ventures
  • Boards and Rigor Mortis Structuring and running and effective board of directors for arts organisations
  • Digitisation Management Issues 1998 paper on general issues relating to digitisation of museum collections (predating the introduction of s200AB of the Copyright Act)
  • Fakes Forgeries and Fees Authentication, representations and warranties
  • Museum Copyright A simple guide to copyright issues relevant to museums (other than s200AB of the Copyright Act)
  • Hermann Nitsch Video art, indecency  and obscenity. Importation and display of obscene artworks
  • The Virtualisation of Objects 1996 paper on digitisation of collection objects (predating the introduction of s200AB of the Copyright Act)
  • Authentication of Artworks Questions concerning authentication formulated by the Art Committee of the Bar of the City of New York
  • Copyright A detailed primer on the principles of copyright law most relevant to museums and art galleries ((predating the introduction of s200AB of the Copyright Act)
  • Cultural Protection Australia Protection of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal sites and relics, and shipwrecks
  • Cultural Protection International Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Act  1986, import and export of items from Australia (1986 paper)
  • Deaccessioning and Disposal
  • Donations Accepting and approving gifts
  • Duty of Care to Public Summary of museums’ and galleries’ liability for the physical safety of visitors and other invitees, and trespassers, and liability for advice and services
  • Ethical Problems Conflicts of interest, personal collecting, self dealing, and sponsorship
  • Insurance A survey of insurances required or appropriate for museums and art galleries
  • Merchandising Issues in merchandising: advances, quality control, inventory, payment and sales efforts