Simpsons Solicitors
Simpsons Solicitors

Computer, Electronic and Online Games

We advise games developers and distributors on various contractual and legal issues by capitalising on our extensive entertainment, technology and corporate expertise.x

Our expertise includes:

  • establishing, acquiring and disposing of businesses
  • commercialisation, licensing and distribution agreements
  • sponsorship and merchandising agreements
  • end user licence agreements
  • acquisition and protection of intellectual property rights
  • employment and contractor agreements
  • obscenity and defamation advice
  • litigation and dispute resolution

Adam Simpson regularly lectures and publishes in this area, and participates in games-related government advisory roundtables and committees. Simpsons is a member of the Game Developers Association of Australia.

Please contact Adam Simpson for all games related enquiries.

Recent papers:

Adam Simpson – Virtual Property – IP In Massive Multiplayer Online Role Player Games – Treatment of IP in End User Licence Agreements

Jules Munro – Brand Integration In On-Line Video Games