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Simpsons Solicitors

Film and TV

Simpsons is one of Australia’s most highly regarded, specialist film and television law practices.  We are in the unique position of advising on over 40 productions each year.  This means we can offer a wealth of legal experience, provide unparalleled market insight and draw on an extensive network of contacts.

Experience – We cover all aspects of film and TV legal work and have very likely dealt with any issues you will need to negotiate.  We can tailor a team to meet your needs from amongst our specialist lawyers and have the resources to manage larger transactions and dispute resolution.  

Insight – Our market perspective enables us to provide informed strategic and commercial advice, often saving time and money.  We make sure our local knowledge is informed by an awareness of international trends by regularly attending markets in the US and Europe.

Connection – Our clients are involved in all facets of financing, creating and commercializing content and include producers, studios, distributors, platforms, financiers and government agencies.  Our relationships enable us to assist our clients to access opportunities and to structure deals in a way not always open to others.

The legal work we cover includes:

  • Development; contracting; funding; chain of title; compliance with guild requirements.
  • Set-up and structuring; tax and regulatory advice; company set-up.
  • Production incentives (location, PDV and producer offsets), as well as investment and grants from Federal and State screen agencies.  We do this work on a daily basis and have strong working relationships with the relevant authorities.
  • Production finance; negotiating and contracting the deals necessary for funding against a finance plan – multi-party, equity, debt, gap and associated security.  We use a unique logging and project management system so that our clients can monitor the status of their project in real time.
  • Co-productions, both official and unofficial.
  • Liaison and negotiation with local unions, and in particular, MEAA; Visas; SAG Global Rule 1; 
  • Production legals; contracting with providers; agents, cast and crew; completion guarantors; insurers; FX risk management; locations, clearances, releases.  We have an extensive suite of precedent documents and clearances package;
  • Commercialisation: domestic and international distribution, sales agency, platform deals.

Our Production/Financier credits cover many of the independently Australian produced drama programs on television and in cinemas (list available on request).

Please contact Jules Munro or Mark Bamford for all film & tv related enquiries.