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Should we have Australian content quotas? … and more. Discuss.

September 27th 2011

The Convergence Review Committee was set up to examine the policy and regulatory frameworks that apply to media and communications in Australia, in light of the changes over the past 15 years in  communications and media technologies, and the way these have changed the way people use and access TV, radio, the internet and telecommunications services.

The Committee has released a series of detailed discussion papers, seeking industry and community comment on a range of issues including:

media diversity;
licensing of broadcasters, telecommunications companies and online service providers;
spectrum allocation and management;
Australian and local content rules; and
the application of “community standards” in the new environment.

The discussion paper on Australian and local content rules includes questions on whether Australia should maintain quotas for Australian content, how direct investment in local production should be approached (including through Screen Australia and public broadcasters) and whether the rebate levels for films provided through the producer’s offset scheme should be varied and/or made more accessible to genres that are commercially vulnerable but culturally significant.

This discussion paper also contains a discussion of the challenges facing local and regional journalism.

For further information (and copies of all the discussion papers) see:

If you would like to speak to a copyright lawyer please contact Adam Simpson or if you would like to speak to a film lawyer or music lawyer please contact Jules Munro.