Simpsons Solicitors

Museums Galleries Australia Annual Conference 2018

May 17th 2018

The annual conference of Museums Galleries Australia (MGA) will be held in Melbourne on the 5th June. Founder of Simpsons Solicitors Shane Simpson will present his plenary session paper to the assembled guests of the museums and galleries sector.

Shane’s paper is entitled “No Collection is an Island: Challenges for Guardians of Cultural Property”

A brief abstract:

“This paper asks what the leaders of collecting institutions could be doing to take a more active role in the international issues that arise from the protection of cultural material: in particular, the manner in which we control the export and import of cultural material; the ways that we might better protect collections in times of armed conflict; how we might influence and assist government to maximise current opportunities through international conventions and treaties.”

Special Counsel Ian McDonald will also be leading a copyright interest group seminar session at the conference. The topic of the seminar will be on Provenance and due diligence: changing how you deal with legal and reputational risks.

It is a very prestigious opportunity to have two Simpsons staff being featured at MGA conference and we are delighted to be apart of the event.

Read more about the event here

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