Simpsons Solicitors
Simpsons Solicitors


Publishing is not only about putting words onto paper, particularly given cross-media opportunities and the growth of online publishing. Judicious management of rights is necessary in this complex and evolving sector.

Our publishing–related services include:

  • publishing contracts
  • prepublication advice (defamation, sedition and contempt)
  • syndication arrangements
  • acquisition, clearance and licensing of intellectual property rights
  • copyright advice
  • digital rights management
  • trade mark registration and protection
  • confidential information
  • passing off and misleading and deceptive conduct
  • arrangements with collecting societies
  • distribution and warehousing agreements
  • litigation and dispute resolution
  • advising on the Google Book Search settlement
  • ebook agreements
  • author agreements

Please contact Adam Simpson or Ian McDonald for publishing–related matters.

A number of other people saw in the yarn potentialities for revision, reshaping and improvement. It was condensed, boiled down, digested, redigested, reprinted, book-clubbed, synopsized, subjected to scenario treatment and ultimately blown up into a movie by Alfred Hitchcock. All that survived in the end were the title, the names of some of the characters and the copyright, which was mine.”

David Dodge – author of To Catch a Thief, taken from The Rich Man’s Guide to the Riviera, published in 1963 by Cassell Plc, a division of The Orion Publishing Group (London).